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Monday, September 22, 2008


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Most of those votes include things like "We vote to congratulate the Harlem Globetrotters for their 2008 undefeated season against the Washington Generals." Then, when it comes to actual politics and not goody-goody crap, a huge percentage of votes are things like "We vote to implement parliametary rule 345.32.b(2)(3) requiring three-fifths vote to invoke cloture of a bill after a point of order motion by a concurrence of at least seven members, unless no quorum is present." (yes, I made that up. but seriously, would anyone know? would anyone care? but a LOT of votes are on crap just like that!)

So in all seriousness, once you separate the serious substantive policy votes from everything else, a 90% concurrence is not very much at all - which is why so many party-minded Republicans have had a beef with maverick McCain.

About the only things McCain and Bush really see eye to eye on are national security and immigration. I agree with Bush on national security... and McCain is coming around on immigration, promising "enforcement first." I can live with "guest workers" as long as the plan has teeth and requires illegals to return to their native countries and apply for legal immigration - a plan that McCain now supports.

Otherwise, McCain is no Bush.


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