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Born at the tail end of the baby boom, I became a political junkie in the time frame of the 2000 presidential election and September 11, 2001, when I realized I needed to finally get my head out of the sand and pay attention to what was really going on in the world around me. The challenge is to balance the political part of me with the Christian part of me and not let the frustration interfere with my relationship with God.

Proud "mom" of two Schipperkes (little black Belgian dogs) who think they're little fuzzy people. My little man is a very laid back guy, but my little girl is a "pretty, pretty princess".

Developed a love of forensics (debate) and enjoyed being a judge at tournaments for five years. Especially love the "individual events" of dramatic, humorous and dual interp, but I'm a big fan of the guy who tied for 20th in the country in Lincoln-Douglas debate in 2003 at the NFL Nationals Atlanta.

Big fan of "Alias" (it broke my heart that JJ Abrams let ABC screw around with the timing so much that it was never able to build up the fan base it deserved), Heroes, Jericho & Veronica Mars (liked them so much I subscribed to the “season pass” for each of these at iTunes). These are all well-written shows that will be fun to re-watch for a very long time.

Have fun exploring my site ... and God bless you.


Reading (romance, historical, contemporary mild thriller), Broadway musicals, DVD musicals, going to the theater, Jerry Lewis movies, Doris Day movies, Gone With the Wind (book & movie), needlework (crochet, embroidery), beading & jewelry making, politics, weblogs, Schipperke pups, forensics (as in speech & debate), Alias, Heroes and Jericho, Veronica Mars (TV shows), and most things Scottish (except haggis, of course ... ewww)