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Saturday, March 04, 2006


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LOL! I met her last night, at Dorchester, and she has some real insight into how "Green" turns into "Socialist". I admit to being skeptical at first, as you always have these rabid nuts on each side. However, I like to give them enough time to hang themselves, and she got that much and more - and she made excelent points. Perhaps more importantly, when I brought up items such as fixed rail transit and condos and gridlock in no particular order, she actually seemed to understand where I was going without any need for me to spell it out.

Clearly, she gets it.

Great note! Thanks.

Wow ... that's timing! Ha!

Glad to find that someone else took her seriously. I looked her up on Google and found the expected "she's a crackpot" and "she has no examples of what she's talking about" items listed, but from what I've read, her book (although it really needs help for the next edition ... and I've offered to help with the editing) is a clarion call for people to open their eyes. When Kruschev said that the American people would raise the communist flag willingly, he was right ... he was just a bit "off" on the color, 'cause it's going to be "Green".

Oh yeah ... and feel free to spread around the graphic. I'd *love* to find out how to get them made into bumper stickers. Wouldn't that just *tick* 'em off?!?!?

Scott makes bumper stickers... I'll send him this post.

Oh, and this is a carnival worthy post! Be sure to submit it to one (or more).

I met Holly Friday Night at Dorchester. She is no nut and she has it right.

The other prong of attack on capitalism is the Diversity Movement. It teaches us that our value is based on our identity as a member of a group or culture, not as individuals.

Between the two movements becoming part of the required teaching at Coleges of Education, do you think there is an organized effort to prepare the youth of America to accept socialism?

Without a doubt! Whether people are aware of it or not (and let's face it, most don't *want* to be aware of it), we are being set up to accept socialism willingly, blindly, gladly. I know several future teachers and none of them believe there's anything going on. One young student I know wants to teach history, but I don't know what she'll actually end up teaching, considering how our history books are "living, breathing documents" ... I make it a point to look for old history books and pick them up for her "collection" maybe someday she'll be able to refer to them and show what people "actually thought to be true about our country ... at least at the time".

Nikita Kruschev said that the citizens of America would willingly hoist the red flag of communism themselves, without a shot having to be fired ... he was off on only one detail ... the flag will be "Green".

Speaking of "Green Groups", Greanpeace was one of the endorsers of something called the "World Tribunal on Iraq". Check it out here

This "World Tribunal" essentially convicted the US and George W Bush for "war crimes" in Iraq. Ok, that's bad enough. But go take a look at #11 of their "findings", or Declaration of Jury of Conscience:

"It is the occupation and its brutality that has provoked a strong armed resistance and certain acts of desperation. By the principles embodied in the UN Charter and in international law, the popular national resistance to the occupation is legitimate and justified."

In other words, they endorsed the killing of US and coalition troops. There's no other way to read it.

Here is the link to the World Tribunal site so you can check it out for yourself


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