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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


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Hey, excellent description!

Almost like being there. Great job!

One of the huge problems with government is that they decide to fix a problem, and so they create an agency - and those bureaucrats run along under the radar, in many cases with an agenda to "re-engineer our society". And while governors have the power to make changes, they seldom do. And so the agencies take on a lifestyle of their own.

I believe that Senator Atkinson will act in an unprecedented manner in regard to this issue, when we vote to give him the power to do so.

Ted hasn't, Hill and Sorenson won't, Mannix and Saxton won't.

There are times when ya gotta go with youth and vigor - and this is one of those times.


Thanks, Max. I was a bit concerned that I rambled too much .. it was really late when I finished the post, not wanting to forget anything...it was after midnight when I finally got to bed.

I'm with you on the creating agencies bit ... those in government who want to change our society can't get what they want through regular channels, so they propose a "program". These programs are always larger than they need to be, rarely effective for very long, if at all, and are almost never self-sustaining, which means the "proles" have to keep funding the stupid thing into perpetuity ... and probably with PERS thrown in for good measure. Just once I'd like to see a new program that comes with ways to make money without ripping off the citizenry, that does what it was meant to do ... and then *closes its doors*!!!

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