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Monday, May 01, 2006


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It always makes me shake my head just a little when people try to mask their racism behind code phrases like "cultural suicide."
What the hell is American culture anyway, besides an amalgam of the cultures that have arrived in the wake of the European invasion that began five centuries ago? Did the influx of Irish after the potato famine result in "cultural suicide." Did the arrival of masses of Italians damage the "American culture?" How about the hundreds of thousands of Africans that were brought here? The Chinese? The Japanese?

Why is it that an influx of Mexicans is somehow assumed to be the death knell for American "culture"? (What? Mexicans don't eat at McDonald's or shop at Walmart or watch American Idol?)

Maybe it's the traditional family structure, with extended families all living and working together, that "we" (you) are afraid of? Or is it the predominantly Catholic religious background? Or the "work ethic" that we so assiduously cultivate in this country. What is it about Mexicans and Mexican "culture" that scares you so much?

I guess Greenlink doesn't read very many of HMIL's posts. Its not Mexico, Mexican folks or the Mexican culture that's the issue here. It's illegal immigration. If you don't know, illeal means "against the law!" Not speaking for HMIL or anyone else, but I'm very tired of people getting something for nothing. I work very hard, pay lots of taxes don't like giving handouts. A hand up for a limited time, but not constant handouts. These illegals are not paying anything (taxes, ect) while I'm watching mine go up. Hmmmm..... I'm not the smartest guy in the world, but it doesn't seem to take a genius to figure this out!

If "illegal" equals "bad," then it's pretty damned ironic that the no immigrants day was held on "The National Day of Prayer."

I would be sympathetic, for a second, if someone could point to something called "culture." Someone please show me The American Culture and then we'll deal with it.
Then we can look for something imaginary called "country."

the one you call pro illigan imigration issue is not because they want rigths and not obligations. besides the war that it is figting rigth now is an illegal war acording to the viena agrementes , anyway. the problem is creted for the racist goberment of the usa.(remember the cuotas , they have over certain races, and countrys?) also we don not hate this country or his people , we hate as any rational mind people shuld , the oprecion and discrimination without rason. the goberment is the one that creates illigals aliens , why not guive them the papers? of course it is easier for them to insinuate that mexican border can be a terrorist gate , but if my memory it is not canada that the so called teroristad get thru here? acording to the propaganda , desgused as news anyway.

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