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Monday, November 27, 2006


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The site has acknowledged that this story is fake.

I looked through the forum on this topic and didn't see anything where anyone acknowledged that it was fake. I saw that someone named Lorna had started a forum thread saying that it was "fake news", but I've not yet seen anything substantial refuting it. *If* someone provides me with a credible link (to my judgement, not yours), I'll take a look at it. If it turns out to actually not be factual and instead, as some on left-wing blogs have termed it, a "satire", I will update the post to reflect that ... but either way, it's likely going to stay put as a good example of what I believe Nancy Pelosi and her ilk believe and what their goals are.

A better proof would be the absense of ANY credible news source reporting it. It's only mentioned on Blogs and Urban Legend sites (snopes.com- which does report urban legends from both sides of the political spectrum.) Credible quotes are reported by credible sources... CNN, AP Wire, The White House Record, Fox News even. If somethings only quoted in less than reliable sources, that's kind of your first clue. Then again, some people believe anything they read in print... regardless of whether it's from the national enquirer or Star News. So let's turn this around, show us ONE credible source. I bet you can't. But then, you won't put my responses on the blog anyway since they qutestion those pesky FACTS.

So, Theresa ... You posted to the update on 12/11, and I replied on 12/12 with the text below:

"You sound like a college-educated individual. You know how to type, so I can extrapolate from that your knowledge of how to read the English language. What part of "while acknowledging that's it's likely a parody by a very right-wing writer" do you not understand?

"Why is it (in my experience with leftists) ok for left-wing loons to post whatever tripe they want, call it satire or parody or truth, and then have it passed along to the sheeple of the US as *fact*, and then have leftists like you tell us "it was just meant as a joke - get over it" ??? Can you explain that to me?

"Or do you not care about the leftist double-standard.

"I don't have to sit down and shut up. I don't have to repeat only things you like. You don't have to agree with *anything* I post.

"But if you don't care for what you see, I invite you to stay away. What I post is probably just going to piss you off anyway."

THEN TODAY ... you post the above to my comment about the fact that I was going to check it out. It appears that you didn't like the fact that I've left a "satire" posted. It sounds as though you seem to think that I'm trying to pass off likely "satire" as fact.

Again, it seems that leftists like you only appreciate "satire" when you're the ones perpetrating it. If a Republican or Conservative *dares* to post something as "satire" that is less than fawning toward a democRat, well, that just isn't to be tolerated. It *must* be removed so it can't influence *anyone* ... mustn't *ever* let a Republican / Conservative post something that the sheeple might agree with. No, instead leftists prefer to treat the sheeple like mushrooms - keep them in the dark and feed them nothing but shit.

Theresa ... you *seemed* like an "educated" person when you first left a comment earlier this week ... but it seems that you have a problem with reading, so I might be wrong. You might want to get some help with that.

You assume that I won't leave your responses in the comments because of your assumption that I have a problem with "pesky facts." Again, we're dealing with "likely satire", Theresa. It seems to me like you have a problem dealing with "inconvenient truths", that you have a hard time dealing with facts.

I would like to suggest that you find someone to give you some remedial reading help, grow up a little more, and try to learn to distinguish when someone is trying to perpetrate fraud (as you insinuate I'm doing) and when they acknowledge that something is satire.

HMIL - Wow - teapot tantrums is right! You just meritlessly blasted someone for asking you to conduct yourself with some integrity. Satire is delivered in a context that makes it obvious it is intended for entertainment. The email in question was neither satirical or funny. Its intent was to insight feeble minded buffoons such as yourself to hatefully rant about the fairy tale of leftist double-standard. No one will take you seriously until you conduct yourself like an adult and learn to express your ideas in an intellectually sound way without petulance and disrespect.

Well, Twillie, the back story that you're unfamiliar with is that it was a particularly active week for trolls who wanted to pick fights. I won't apologize for what I wrote and I stand behind it. (Although how you could say I was "meritlessly blasting" is beyond me ... Again, I said it was *likely* satire. (It never fails to amaze me how people will read things with some kind of filter over their eyes....)

"Hatefully ranting" ??? Twillie, have you spent any time on the DailyKos (I imagine you've trolled through there a time or two) ... considering the nasty, hateful, bile-filled things that get said on there, in comparison this little rebuttal is extremely tame.

"Fairy Tale of leftist double-standard" ... it's only a fairy tale from where you're sitting, a simple matter of perspective. I'd be willing to be that you don't believe Christian persecution exists either, huh?

Feeble-minded buffoon ... who's calling names now?

Conducting myself like an adult ... this must mean that in order to behave like an adult I must think and act and talk like you. Nope, sorry ... no will do!

BTW, I think you meant to say "incite" rather than "insight" ... the words have very different meanings ... unless you actually meant to use that word, in which case the context is all messed up.

Have a wonderful life.

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