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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


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Wow! Had a similar experience on the 16th when I flew out of Eug to get back here. The flight crew in Eug was 20 minutes late getting to the airport 'cause of the bad weather. I noticed, though, that none of the passengers were late. I missed my connection in Salt Lake City to Atlanta, so they routed me to Chicago,Atlanta into Jacksonville. I was originally supposed to land in Jax at 6:30PM. Got to Chicago, the weather was very blizzardly and getting worse. Got to ATL late, but the connecting flight was also late. It got much later. Finally took off from Atl and got to Jax at 1:30am. Got home at 3:30. Only 6 hours later then I would have. Pat was really happy! Worse flight experience I've ever had. You already know about on my way out there. I hate flying anyway. The only difference between that and riding a greyhound bus is the plane is (most of the time) faster.

Glad your flight home was better than your flight here. The potatos you made were awesome!! I was pretty bummed that I didn't get to hug your neck "bye"...but it was so nice to spend a little time with you!

What? You stayed?

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I was especially glad not to be flying anywhere - rather, trying to fly anywhere - during that especially delightful example of Man-Made Global Warming.

I did, however, have to get to work, which was interesting in itself. Studded tires are your friend. In my case, "getting to work" involves driving down 700 feet in elevation along winding 2-lane roads with no shoulders and deep ditches, driving briefly along the Valley floor, then climbing back up to the 650 - foot elevation. By 6 a.m.

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