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Sunday, March 22, 2009


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Wow! Just wow! Sounds more to me like she's bored on Ravelry without us to harass. I'm glad to know that Casey and Jess were at least asking her to "play nice" for awhile before they got sick of being badgered by people like her.

You are Awesome MizDi! Now maybe everyone will see what we have had to put up with for so long.

And the fun part about all of this is that now that we've had our group closed and we've been banned, we discuss politics even more and they can't see a thing. It must be killing them.

I'm sorry that one of Rav's biggest whack jobs has found your blog. Wonder where her side kick is, she will probably be along later.

Remember that time this particular nut job went off her medication and was going from group to group telling anyone who would listen "I have a stalker" "I have a stalker" "I have a stalker", I swear I never laughed so hard in my life. Little did we know she was the one doing the stalking. Truth be known, as crazy as she is she was probably stalking herself. (LMAO)

[Poster's name removed] is the gift that keeps on giving.

MizDi, I am so sorry you are being harassed in this way. In addition to raising your blood pressure, it makes all of us liberals look bad. Belittling your religion is not "perfectly reasonable," it is, well, vile, and from there it just gets worse, if possible.

Please believe me: we are not all like this. No one I know (and I know a lot of liberals) would act like this.

Thank you, Lucia. I appreciate your kind words and understanding. I really see no reason for Liberals and Conservative to keep from getting along. The problem is that not all of us (from either side of the fence) are willing to act like grown-ups and remember that we *are* allowed to agree to disagree. If one person *truly* wants to try to "understand" the other (rather than make a pretense of it, as we so often found on Ravelry), it's important to use rational dialogue instead of going straight for personal attacks when one's talking points "go over like a lead balloon", as was so often the case for us when people would come try to make trouble.

I hope you can continue to be a voice of reason and truer tolerance among those who share your world view. I'll continue to do the same with mine. And perhaps someday we'll be successful, eh?

I'm glad [poster to "Badge of Honor" post] is still there in the cesspool that is Ravelry. She is in good company on Ravelry.

As disturbing as I find her comments and actions, I'm really pleased she is stupid enough to show her true colors so visciously and publicly. More proof that the lunatics & bullies are running Ravelry and more proof that we did nothing to deserve this harsh treatment.

I'm very sorry that you are being haraased by this psycho.

Thanks to Sharon, the world can witness the obsession certain far-left wackjobs had with the Ravelry Bunker. Apparently, this particular junkie is really jonesin' for The Bunker.

For shame. Are your hurt feelings really worth this sort of behavior? You have no sense of common decency. From the earliest days of BITNET and then USENET this sort of behavior would not stand. This is truly the Endless September.

** Actually, no, they're not ... I've deleted the offensive comment, and the follow-up that fanned the flames. However, I will not tolerate out and out harassment, so the post remains, though edited to communicate that I thought better of having allowed an inflammatory comment to stand, and I've removed some of the more "particular" information regarding Sharon from the post. That information, however, is still available to me if I should have to get law enforcement involved. Internet stalking is a crime.

wow, this [poster to "Badge of Honor" post] chick must really have a torch for your mizdi!
and good for you for seeking counsel to deal with that nutbar, no one should every have to be harassed that way. . . .

love (1000)
It's unfortunate the wack job followed you offsite (which I thought was against Ravelry rules), but I'm glad you're posting her stuff so all the world can see the truth.

MizDi, I am glad that we came to a certain understanding, despite the unpleasant terms surrounding it. Thank you for your rational thinking, I hope that people from both sides can continue with it.

This [poster to "Badge of Honor" post] person sounds like Deb Frisch.

I'd suggest, if she gets too out of line, having her brought up on charges.

That's exactly what I thought, and also why I feel like I should nip it in the bud *now*.

My blog has never been one that gets a bazillion hits. I write for myself, a few friends, some others that have discovered my little blog and come back for more. Typically, I get between 50-100 hits per day, with a lot of consistency based on a few blog posts in the past 3 years. So one day, when I started getting *hundreds* of hits, I naturally decided to check my SiteMeter account and see where the traffic was coming from. I'd never heard of Deb Frisch, but I learned quickly, 'cause that's where the hits originated. I read up (on Michelle Malkin, I think?) Ms. Frisch's history and got a little freaked. Some of her followers take her pretty seriously.

Imagine my comfort level when I learned that Ms. Frisch had been let go from her teaching position at a university due to her internet activity/proclivities ... and moved to Oregon (where Gdansk on the Willamette is), and that she had been hired down the road in Eugene ... shudder.

My counsel advises that I remind you that your IP address can be traced right to your home if it becomes necessary and that, should you choose to continue, we will inform the proper local authorities in your jurisdiction, file a formal complaint of harassment and stalking (that’s a crime, remember), and let them take you in hand and school you about what’s ok and what’s not.

I am Sharon's husband and a practicing attorney of 23 years. Please provide me with your counsel's contact information. He is apparently suffering from a lack of full information regarding this situation and is thus not fully advising you.

Hi Casey!

yep, that Deb Frisch is a nutty one, as a quick google search shows.

glad it wasn't her...


Politically, I'm libertarian leftist (though as is the case with most Americans who's spent time abroad, those words don't necessarily mean what you think they might mean). From my personal experience I can say politics is just an excuse for whatever is wrong with a lot of Ravelers. Inability to think critically is the problem, along with a bad case of estrogen poisoning ("We all have to agree! We all have to be supportive! Ugh, let's pick on the weird girl until she develops an eating disorder!").

I was the unwilling pinata in a recent Ravelry bashfest, and I'm sitting there thinking, damn, I thought this was a site about knitting, guess I heard wrong. It's a real shame because I can't think of a better way for people who have opposing political views to get to know each other as people instead of The Enemy, which is the recent destructive trend, than to talk about how they both enjoy making beautiful things.

I don't know what world all these freaky Ravelers live in, but in mine, I changed light bulbs for my Bush-supporting septuagenarian neighbor (RIP), stayed professional and civil to my adultery-committing, midlife-crisis-chasing boss, and was friendly with various Vietnam vets that I made an acquaintance with over the years. And you know something? I like that. What is the point of America, of life, if you don't connect with people who are completely different from you?

Anyway, those puffed-up wannabe bullies on Ravelry = Jerks. Whatever they call themselves, they're just jerks to me.

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