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Sunday, March 22, 2009


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I agree. Unfortunately, many of these are a product of our (v)educational system. It's why I have a category called "growing vegetables".

Let us trust that with God all things are possible, and begin praying in earnest.

If one prays, is it on occasion not in earnest? That would seem dis-earnest, which is not too far a crawl from dis-honest.

Preface to previous:

"I think we have to accept that there are many with whom we will get nowhere by reasoning, clear argumentation and documentation, or any other form of normal, rational dialogue. They will not see or hear the truth because somewhere deep within they have already decided to reject it at all costs."

Just for a different perspective - there are millions of people around the world who aren't Christians, not because their hearts are "hard", but because their beliefs have taken them down a different path. If you want your beliefs respected, you should also respect the beliefs of others. Don't assume people who believe differently than you are just refusing to see your "truth".

It's been called "hardening of the attitudes".

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