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Monday, May 11, 2009


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"I told her that daughter was right. Hypocrisy *was* truly alive and well there at the zoo."

And it is. Preachy bunch, there.


First off, bad manners by the daughter, obviously learned from ill-mannered parents. If the docent's behavior is as reported, bad manners there, too, but I'm skeptical of that account.

In case you hadn't noticed, what passes for "conservatism" these days is in free fall. A big part of the problem is that so many "conservatives" view listening to the other side as a bad thing.

Actually, the comment made by the daughter was to her parents. The docent happened to overhear. The daughter is pretty young, hence not understanding that the words were different. I have no skepticism about the account as this is a good friend of mine. It was her daughter and her experience, and I don't doubt her for a second.

Also, Lisa isn't a person who refuses to listen to the other side. She/we have just had some nasty experiences with Liberals (not "liberals" mind you) that have left a very bad taste in the mouth. She's perfectly willing to discuss things rationally, we all do prefer that ... unfortunately, what passes for "tolerance" from Liberals these days is limited to their tolerance for those who believe exactly what they believe.

Two things:

1. What is the difference between Liberals and liberals in the U.S. context? I'm not trying to be argumentative, here; I honestly don't know. As a Canadian, the difference here is that "big L" Liberals are either members of or supporters of the Liberal Party of Canada, whereas "small l" liberals don't necessarily support a particular party; they are "liberal" in general outlook (although "liberal" is a relatively nebulous concept; there are plenty of differing viewpoints on key issues within the larger group of "liberals"). (Similarly, there are "small c" conservatives, many of whom do not support the "big C" Conservative Party of Canada.)

I suspect that is not what you are referring to...(Well, obviously you're not referring to Canada at all, LOL...what I mean is, unless I am far more ignorant than I believe I am of U.S. politics, there isn't an official Liberal Party in the U.S. -- at least not of any real significance. So I'm not sure what makes a liberal a Liberal down there. And I'm curious. :-)

2. You write "...unfortunately, what passes for "tolerance" from Liberals these days is limited to their tolerance for those who believe exactly what they believe."

Ok...but the statement "Freakin' kool-aid drinkers" (which I read as your friend's words, not yours, but that you agree with them...please correct me if I'm wrong) hardly exemplifies tolerance on the part of conservatives toward liberals/Liberals. A bit of pot and kettle, there, don't you think?

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