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Thursday, July 30, 2009


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I've been planning on buying a new diesel truck for a couple of years, was going to wait unit my wife's car was paid off in Jan. so we could afford it better. Went and looked last weekend, my old truck qualified and the new diesel qualified. Took a minute and decided I couldn't quite afford it yet and also couldn't see smashing a perfectly good vehicle into scrap. Although my current 96 Dodge Ram has 200K miles on it, it runs great, doesn't use any oil, and I can sell it for what I could've gotten from the CARS program. Plus somebody will have a fairly decent running used truck for a low price. I think a better solution all around. Still planning on a new vehicle, just won't be from "Government Motors"!

Oh Di, you are exactly right. That is my fear, that our "health" will suffer because our officials don't have a clue about running a program.

It's not just that they're letting us trade in our old cars for a $12,000 or $13,000 new one (after the $4500), but they're destroying the old cars. Those are cars that might have gone to first-time buyers like college kids, or just-out-of-high-school kids, or strugglers trying to make ends meet.

Today, it's "let them eat cake".

Joan of Argghh at Primordial Slack http://www.primordialslack.blogspot.com posts a video (and a link) that shows just how the destruction works. It is pathetic.

Oh, and the "clunkers" ... if you have a car that currently gets 20 MPG and you trade up to one that gets 28 MPG, that's no eligible ... and I'm with you Mike ... those older cars could've gone to first-time buyers, high school kids who need to get to a job, single mothers who need to get to work and their kids to daycare ... older people on fixed incomes who find themselves in need of a new (to them)car ... but no ... shove everyone into cars they can't afford in the first place and remove everything affordable from the market so you can force the have-nots onto public transportation, where you can control them better.

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