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Friday, August 28, 2009


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Right off the bat: "I tried to say to him what I figured my constituents would want to say to him if they were there."

What a remarkable concept. I wonder if the thought ever occurred to any of our representatives - now undergoing the agonizing ritual of "town hall meetings".

Agreed, Mike ... I can't imagine DeFazio going back to Washington, DC and saying ... "Well, my constituents are overwhelmingly against the ObamaCare bill, so I have to vote against it!"

No, he's more like "Well, some of my constituents are against it, but they don't really understand it. There are *lots* of my constituents who like the idea ... they may not totally understand it, but they are the ones I agree with, and I think the Conservatives/Republicans are full of crap anyway, so I'll do what I think is best for my people, even if the majority of them don't agree."

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