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Monday, August 24, 2009


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I oppose any mandatory vaccination, but this one is really ridiculous! It was the vaccine that caused a huge outbreak of polio, I can't imagine what will happen when people start receiving this.

Concerns have already been raised that the new vaccine has not been sufficiently tested and that the effects, especially on children, are unknown. Like all vaccines, the long-term mercury-poisoning and immune-system harms will not even be looked for. Most “trials” will only look for adverse effects for 21 days.

Once again, this administration seems to be wanting to rush things through *way* too fast, without bothering to consider the long term effects of *anything* and definitely without considering the law of unintended consequences.

AND most trials ignore effects that they don't believe were from the vaccine, because they compare them to other vaccines! Also, you can play around with statistics to make the results turn out how you want. You can come up with a rule to drop certain subjects from the final data. There are different statistical tests that will alter the significance of the data as well.

Miz Di, I don't really think that this is the administrations fault. You gotta remember that the administration is advised by doctors and those doctors are seen as the experts. The CDC is all too quick to call something an epidemic and a lot of Americans are scared of contracting this flu than they are scared of the vaccine, if they didn't do anything, people would be outraged. The majority of Americans are still under the impression that vaccines are the be all end all in medical treatments. It usually takes seeing a loved one suffer from a reaction to get some people to start questioning it, I know that I didn't question them until my son had a reaction.

Don't you remember how fast they pushed Gardasil through? Or how it almost became mandatory in Texas? There are still groups trying to make it mandatory, some of them aren't doing it for nefarious reasons, but others are. There are people who are so convinced that this is good for young women, but the number of adverse reactions to it are insane!

I can concede that the entire thing is not the fault of this administration, but this administration is helping feed the panic, which is *never* a good thing. Perhaps we can agree on that. Obama has been out there in the forefront, claiming how he's personally urging speedy vaccines, etc.

I don't think Bush should've gotten involved in this kind of thing for the bird flu, which ended up being a non-starter in the US, and I don't think any president should insert him/herself in anything like this. Much as I don't think Obama should've inserted himself into the whole issue with his friend and the Cambridge Cop. That was a local issue where his presence wasn't necessary and just served to stir up problems and reenter the specter of racism where it didn't exist and wasn't helpful.

The whole idea of making a rushed vaccine mandatory makes me extremely wary and concerned, no matter who tries to push it through, no matter their ideology ... stupid doesn't ascribe to any one political or ideological affiliation.

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