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Sunday, September 13, 2009


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Wilson has apologized once to Obama. That is enough. Period. End of sentence.
If Pinocchio Pelosi goes ahead with her "resolution of disapproval" Monday or Tuesday, then she might get an earful from Wilson. If there are apologies to be made on the floor of the House, they should come from Pinocchio Pelosi for lying through her dentures abut the CIA for starters, from John "EX-Marine" Murtha for earmarking nearly $900,000.00 in pork for some little out-of-the-way airstrip in his Pennsylvania district and for denigrating those Marines he excoriated for alleged "war crimes" before he knew a thing about what he hell he was babbling about, from Maxine Waters who should apologize for just being there in the first place, and from all those "representatives" who didn't have the guts to host a Town Hall meeting to try an explain The Komrade Chosen One's health care agenda. And that is just to get things going.

Don't look for that to happen, though. Lib Dumocrats apologize for nothing, but expect their opponents to apologize for just about everything.

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