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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


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Ditto Barbara, welcome home to America. america is a BIG tent. Conservatives and Independants and Democrats who love this Country are not doing what they are doing because of RACISM!! They disagree with the PRESIDENTS lying very left of left radical, socialized, progressive agenda. He campaigned as a moderate who would listen to and work for ASLL AMERICANS well he has LIED!!It is business as usual with the Democrat party ( THE RADICAL FEW WHO JUST WANT TO BEAT THE REPUBLICANS AT ANY COST )not what the Presesident promised! There is little transparancy. The President for all of his academic acumen, is a very slow learner when faced with the TRUTH as AMERICANS from all walks of life, parties, religions, have gathered to tell Washington and all the SENATE and Congress we are not at alll happy with what you all are DOING, and WHAT YOU ARE NOT DOING!!
the President has an agenda about "CONTROLING" America! It isn ot about FREEDOM, OR THE REPUBLIC, OR THE COSTITUTION, it is about what HE WANTS!! If you disagree with his policy he attacks you personally and like all the media and UNION whores who are in his pocket hoping for a Quid pro Quo, He will stop at nothing to gain this control. I don't think Glen Beck is crazy, I think he asks responsible questions, they should be answered! the President just gave all the persons who have shown up to express their opposition to his proposals through-out the year and on 9-12 , and his amateur FINANCIAL Governance, the middle finger! He does not care! He believes his personal popularity is the only important thing he has to do, and no one will hold him or his Party reponsible! HE IS WRONG!Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank , ,Maxine Watwers, Christopher Dodd,henry Waxman and many more are responsible for the FINANCIAL MESS AND THEY ARE BRINGING UP EVERY ISSUE other than addressing these issues to keep the looking glass off of them. It is all very disgusting. The way the Democrats play partisan political politics on every little issue. I guess the Republicans had it coming to them they should have made GWB veto many spending bill the DEMOCRAT Congress voted in over the last almost 3 years they have controlled the House. The reason GWB did not attack Health care is one huge reason we were ATTACKED on 9/11/01 and the U.S. was busy being kept safe by Mr. Bush, and it was not the tme to try and pass a massive Health-Care reform bill. There was no money then and there is less now, but O'Bama is montizing the Debt of the U.S. which the Treasury Secretary ( 30 year old who should be fired as he has been in the treasury for over 10 years and he was part of the problem )said he would not do. This means the FED RESERVE sells note to the Public and the next day the Treasury buys them from the Public, and they DO IT WITH MONEY THEY ARE PRINTING OUT OF CONTROL!! all this talk about the RECESSION being over is BS--O'Bama is creating a BIGGER BUBBLE and you al should understand this. Look at the real facts around the U.S. and the World things are not really getting better. The Government is issueing FAKE PRESS RELEASES TO THE PUBLIC TO MAKE PEOPLE THINK , GEE THE PROBLEMS ARE OVER!! Well they are not. $over 4 trillion dollars has disappeared. The Wall St. Boys are again playing with money, the Street's money, the Government is going to lend more and more to continue to PROP -UP HUD which is running FANNIE MAE and FREDDIE MAC which the Government has poured over $200 billion into since last year!Where do you think this money comes from? Stimulus what a joke it was just a big PORK LADEN SPENDING BILL!! The Democrats and O'Bama are just passing out free money to their lackie friends like the Unions and Acorn, ( well maybe that will stop; but don't bet on it ) call your Congressman and Senator and demand they cut off all funding for ALL THE SUBSIDIARIES OF ACORN TOO!!This is a HUGE CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE!! Are you aware those videos were shot at the FIRST 6 ACORN offices the couple walked into? They did not pick out random offices where there were, as the DEMOCRAT and ACORN apologists said, only a couple "BAD APPLES"--BS there are more than a couple. They have a budget of $150 million dollars and they have 700 employee's--all doing the vote getting for their candidate! How sick and crooked. SEIU and ACORN are connected at the HIP! Their calling themselves a UNION was just a RUSE to get all the back office and lower income workers to join their union so they could achieve "CRITICAL MASS" to steam roll over anyone or anything they chooose to! Put all the BROTHER UNIONS TOGETHER and they will RUIN AMETRICAN JOBS, AND THE ECONOMY!! This is as Saul Alinsky thinks, the way to "FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE" America! Connected you better believe they are. We better as AMERICANS FIRST and politics second stand up for the rule of LAW, the Constitution, and the AMERICAN way or we are doomed for sure.

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