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Sunday, April 25, 2010


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You may want to put this into context. The e-mail you got was a spoof from a real news story that happened in the last week, specifically linked here:


The people are only using what the New Jersey Education Association put forth, highlighting how ridiculous it is. I do find the reaction of those on the left hilarious, especially after confronted with the link that I posted above.

Good post and I totally agree. In fact the post I put up yesterday was on the same topic:


Thanks for the input, Kate & Doctor Good. Actually, whether it showed up in print last week or not, I originally saw this right after Patrick Swayze's death. I have also heard of the names being changed around according to political agenda and the most recent celebrity deaths.

It may have been a spoof, and I must reluctantly admit that I chuckled the first time I saw it, but I maintain that we must be careful what we wish/pray for. Prayers have meaning, and prayers have consequences ... whether good or bad (in ours eyes), they *do* have consequences, whether we see them or not.

Please come back periodically and check things out. I plan to be blogging more often and would appreciate well thought out input.

~ MizDi

Actually, if you read the entire passage, it may get ugly. But Psalms 109.8 refers only to getting him out of office. It is 109.9 which refers to his children being fatherless. It must be noted, however, that 109.11: "let the extortioner catch all that he hath, and let strangers spoil his labor" is essentially what Obama has in mind for us.

That's a good point, Max! Unfortunately, our detractors are using 109:9 as ammunition of us supposedly wanting to see him at room temperature!

And you're right ... 109:11 *does* sound exactly like what he has planned for the US!

Hi Di,
You're right, I really despise the guy, but I think Joe "idiot" Biden or San Fran Nan would be much worse. I hear folks down here say stuff like that and I point out the line of succession and they shut up. Good to see you posting again! Later.........

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