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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


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If you read Imprimis, as I do, then you may have noticed that this month Michigan Supreme Court Justice Stephen Markman speaks to this very subject; noting that proponents of a 21st Century Constitution, or "Living Constitution" want to replace our representative process of government with a fundamental transition to a judicial system, in which federal judges determine policy. Our founding documents have served to enable us to become the most powerful, wealthiest, and freest nation in history - and such a transition would profoundly alter the equation.

Side note: glad to see you posting again!

I agree with you, Max, as I so often do!

And thanks .. I need to spend less time on Facebook and spend more time putting the stuff I'd post there over here, not necessarily instead, but more in addition to.

Besides, it's hard to get an opinion/comment in the small boxes on FB. I can be more verbose ... er ... um ... myself here!

I'm glad to see you blogging more regularly; you have some great insights to offer, which I've missed during your long period of quiescence. Do keep up the good work!

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