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Saturday, May 22, 2010


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"Allegedly, Ms. Borquez was tipping off the drug runners to counter drug operations conducted by the county."

That sort of thing happened in the INS when Eisenhower came to the Presidency. Border agents and some ranchers would get wind of an impending raid, warn the suspects, and the area would be clear. And the usual payoffs would happen.

Eisenhower shook up the INS. He appointed a retired paratrooper general to head the agency, and shifted agents to new posts. The raids suddenly started turning up illegals.

In those days, Ike put them on ships and trains, sent them down south, one way.

Eventually the "gold mine" dried up, and people stopped coming up.

Unfortunately, we let things slip since then.

"This isn't a blatant effort by drug cartels to obtain control here in America?"

Heck, they control Mexico, so they figure, what's to stop them?

I'd ask the same thing: What (or who) is going to stop them?

It's incredible that we allow a Fort to be overrun by illegals. I say close the border,THEN we'll talk solution.

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